Adding Green Tea to Your Weight Loss Plan

For many years we have been told that green tea has benefits that would aid in weight loss. But now there have been research to prove this ancient secret that Middle-Eastern has known for centuries . Drinking green tea is simple and it is just like drinking any other tea but just without milk or sugar.

Research has now shown that green tea helps to lose weight by using the body to stimulate its own therogenesis process. This increases the energy and the oxidization of fat in the body. The compounds that are in the plant have that effect on the body. The great thing about green tea is that it does not increase the body's heart rate and because of that it is believed to be safer than diet pills which contain ephedrine which increase the heart rate and cause you to have a jittery feeling with a racing heart rate.

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Most people who are overweight are already facing the risk of developing hypertension and other cardiovascular problems and do not need something that will increase their heart rate. Green tea becomes the perfect solution for them because they can drink green tea to lose the weight but at the same time suffer no side effects of increase palpitation of the heart.

The two ways of losing weight are either eating less at which time you are consuming less calories or you can increase your expenditure of energy which simple means that you are exercising to burn up your calories. Green tea can give you the feeling of expending energy. It is widely believed that this is caused by the high quantity of catechin that is found in green tea.

The benefits of green tea do not stop with weight loss but continue to be beneficial to your overall health. It has powerful antioxidants that will strengthen the immune system which causes the body to be able to protect itself against life threatening diseases.

When consuming green tea do remember that green tea does have caffeine so you should not be consuming green tea along with coffee and other forms of tea. Green tea in the decaffeinated form is certainly not recommended for weight loss. The chemical process that is used to remove the caffeine from the green tea may destroy the benefits from the plant and make it non-effective.

Drinking green tea along will not get you to see much weight loss, you must be willing to exercise. And if you have begun to eat more because you believe that the green tea will combat your calories intake then you will be doing your weight loss program more harm than good.

Adding green tea in your weight loss program will certainly cause you to see weight loss faster and more consistently but remember that you must also add a healthy eating plan and exercise.
Green tea is inexpensive and it will not take much time to get a pot brewing and enjoy all the benefits that it has but remember if you want permanent weight loss you must change your lifestyle.

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