Fruits - A Food For Natural Weight Loss Attention

Fruits have always be said that they are healthy since they are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and of course fluids that are perfect for a consumption leading to a healthy body. However, fruits must be paid close attention for those who wanted to lose weight naturally.

Fruits are used to boost sugar level of patients with low sugar level and to extend the endurance of athletes. Why? This is because fruits are full of sugar. To make things direct, they are actually processed carbohydrates!

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Carbohydrates are automatically turned into sugar when digested. Our body will release insulin to lower the sugar level in our body. Insulin manages to lower the sugar level in our body by turning the sugar brought in by fruits to be to be stored in our body for future use.

The bad thing that happens when our body releases insulin is that we will be lack of sugar within a few minutes. This makes us sluggish with our actions and the stored fat because of the fruits will make us, I have to say this, fat and dumb!

Any solutions? If you ever eat something which contains high level of sugar or carbohydrates, eat them together with something which is high in protein because protein will slow down the release of insulin by our body.

The scary but true fact here is that a glass of orange juice that you had every morning for your breakfast is like a glass of soda to your body.

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